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Welcome to the first episode of the Between The Lines podcast with Gordie Walker. The team have been out and about collecting stories that we believe are interesting and help showcase some of the work that is going on in the north of the city and further afield

In This Episode

Newington Housing Association formed in 1975. It manages nearly 700 homes in mainly Interface areas in North Belfast. As times have changed so too has Newington, broadening its role from simply meeting immediate housing needs, to meeting wider community needs and taking brave steps towards transforming and regenerating communities and resolving interface issues.

Anthony Kerr from Newington Housing reflects on their work in reducing and confronting anti-social behaviour (ASB) and looks at how social and economic pressures are affecting their tenants.

Shared History – Dr Eamon Phoenix

As part of Intercomm’s Shared History programme Dr Eamon Phoenix invited 25 people from Ardoyne and Woodvale to talk about Belfast history. Among the places they visited were Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church and, were Gordie caught up with them, at Queens University.

The legacy of The Walls

Ciarán Shannon from Duncairn Community Partnership (DCP) takes with time Leanne Marshall to reflect on his life experiences before during and following the conflict.

Joby Fox

There’s music from Joby Fox, writer, musician, and performer. Joby has played with the Bank Robbers going on to perform with Bap Kennedy in Energy Orchard and pen the song Belfast. He was signed to EMI and was based in London always pushing the limits and sticking up for his home town. His new album is about to be released and the song I Love you will be available on 14th February Joby is the first visitor to the BLTcast studio and he brought his guitar.


The production team were Leanne Marshall, Conor Maskey, Cairan Shannon,
Gordie Walker and Davy Sims.

If you want a story covered drop me an email to gordie@btlcast.com or podcast@btlcast.com

The music is Our Big Adventure by Scott Homes — from the FreeMusicArchvive.com

Joby Fox guests on first Between The Lines podcast

As we begin recording the first Between The Lines podcast the legendary singer/songwriter/performer/entertainer and well known man about town Joby Fox dropped by to record a song for us.

Posted by Joby Fox on Thursday, 24 January 2019

You can hear Joby’s performance on Between The Lines episode 1 launched on 25 January 2019.