No Place for Hate

On Wednesday 27 March, Intercomm held a public consultation on an anti-hate crime initiative. The event in The Duncairn Centre for Culture & Arts centre attracted scores of people who are active in organisations that support victims of hate crime or are engaged in anti-hate crime initiatives.

It was a consultation event to raise awareness of hate crime and to pick a logo that will spearhead the campaign.

The campaign slogan in #NoPlaceforHate.

Among the organisations represented were

  • Community Relations Council
  • PSNI
  • Rainbow Project
  • ICR
  • North Belfast Friendship Club
  • Victim Support
  • New Life Counselling
  • The Migrant Centre
  • Leonard Cheshire
  • North Belfast PCSP
  • North Belfast Alternatives

Gordie Walker spoke to many of the representatives for the podcast including Debbie Walters vice-chair of Northern Ireland Policing Board and Director of Northern Ireland Alternatives and Chief Inspector Kelly Moore of PSNI at Tenant’s Street.

Kelly named several agencies that people who have been directly or indirectly affected by hate crime can contact:

PSNI on the general number 111 or in an emergency 999 or at their website

Crimestoppers, an independent UK charity hat gives people the power to speak up to stop crime which can be contacted on their website or on freephone 0800555111

And True Vision a police funded web site designed to provide you with information about hate crime including homophobic, transphobic, racial, religious and disability. They can be contacted through their website, too.

This is the last podcast in this series, but the Between The Lines podcast will return soon.

The podcast is supported by The Executive Office and the Community Relations Council.

International Women’s day Special

In this episode of Between The Lines, Leanne Marshall talks to three women who work with communities and families in north Belfast.

Geraldine O’Kane works in Whitewell Community Surgery, Maria McCaffery is with the Star Neighbourhood Centre, and Joan Totten North Belfast Alternatives.

Creativity and Challenges

This is the third episode of Between the Lines podcast with Gordie Walker.

The Impact of Universal Credit

Margaret Duffy from Newington Housing talks about the problems of Universal Credit and its effect on residents.

Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd recently said that there was a direct link between the increased use of food banks and  problems with the  roll out the Universal Credit benefits scheme.  As you’ll recall from our first episode, we spoke with Newington Housing Association.  During this discussion, Conor was told by Margaret Duffy about how seriously this affected some of their tenants in the mouth of Christmas – and some of the lengths they had to go to assist single mothers and others in much need of their help.

Conor Maskey met Margaret, Antony and Martin from Newington Housing.

Youth Hubs

We follow up with youth workers from North Belfast who have just returned from a study visit of Manchester and Liverpool looking at the development of youth hubs.

At the start of January, 14 youth workers from North Belfast travelled to Manchester and Liverpool to look at youth work practice, buildings and services including super centres in Manchester and Liverpool. Gordie Walker met up with them in Artillery youth club to find out what they made of it.

Super Sundays

Ray Giffin from Duncairn Arts talks to us about Super Sundays and how Arts, Music and creativity are helping to create a shared safe space for North Belfast. Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts in North Belfast is on the lower Antrim Road and once a fully functioning place of worship. The church has seen its share of good times and bad times and when the congregation numbers slipped, The Rev Bill Shaw and his committee came up with a new vision for the church building. The building is now home to some community orgs and has a thriving programme of arts and cultural events. Gordie spoke to Ray Griffin the Arts and Events Manager about Super Sundays.

Music from Conor Caldwell

Music this time comes from Conor Caldwell renowned composer and traditional fiddle player. North Belfast native, Conor Caldwell is a composer, fiddle player and researcher of Irish Traditional Music.  Conor took the small number of steps around the corner from his Rosemount Gardens home to the Between The Lines Studio to chat with us about his love for North Belfast and some of our city’s interesting, historical and significant inks to traditional music.  We were delighted that he brought his fiddle along too and gave us a taste of one of his own compositions.   


The production team were Leanne Marshall, Conor Maskey Cairan Shannon, Davy Sims and Gordie Walker.

The music is Our Big Adventure by Scott Homes — from the

Walls, songs and poetry

This is the second episode of the between the lines podcast with Gordie Walker. The response to episode one has been very positive, and we are delighted with the number of downloads and the listening figures. People have been listening from all over Ireland, UK, the USA and even China. Massive thanks from me and the whole team here at Between the Lines and a shout-out to our listeners in Shenyang.

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The Docker Poet

In this episode we are talking to John Campbell local historian, former dock worker poet and writer.  John grew up in North Belfast in and around York Street and Shore Road. John worked as a docker when times were hard and poverty was rampant. John now reflects on those days through his writings and verse and I was delighted to host him here at Intercomm and share his reflections from those times

More about John in this Belfast Telegraph article

His publisher Lagan Press

Life with and without walls

Segregation barriers collectively referred to as ‘Peace Walls’ have blighted the landscape of North Belfast for almost 50 years. Many of these structures that were erected primarily to protect people and property, have now become redundant. Kate Clark, Gerry O’Reilly and others have been working with local residents in the Duncairn area for a number of years to get them to a point where they are ready to contemplate barrier removal or transformation. Kate and Gerry discuss the changes to two of these structures – the complete removal of one in North Queen Street and the physical transformation of another on Duncairn Gardens.

Imagine Peace Walls Project

Conor Maskey from Intercomm talks to Sarah Lorimer, Coordinator of the Imagine Peace Walls Project, about the research she has carried out around the history of just some of the barriers that separate people in the North of the City.

More info from International Fund for Ireland’s website ” New anthology tells the personal experiences of interface residents”

Shock Treatment

Davy Treatment songwriter musician and performer. Davy  has played with the Peace Frog and others but now performs with his reworked version of Shock Treatment, Shock Treatment 21.  Davy has been in and around the Northern Ireland music scene for decades and we ask him along to the studio for a chat and a song Davy is the  second visitor to the BLTcast studio and he brought his guitar.

There’s more about Shock Treatment on their Facebook Page and Davy’s Facebook page is here.