Roman Krznaric’s talk to Imagine Belfast

This is the Between The Lines podcast and this time we will not be hearing about people and events in North Belfast. We hear a fascinating talk given as part of the Imagine Belfast festival.

This year the 7th Imagine! Belfast festival of ideas. But this time – because of the circumstances we find ourselves in – it was an online only event.

In the festival we are encouraged to discusses the big issues of our times including new ideas on politics, culture, and activism. The team who put it together – led by Peter O’Neill – aim to bring a unique way of imagining the future of this great city.

One of the speakers this year was Roman Krznaric. His talk is “ROMAN KRZNARIC: CAN WE REDESIGN DEMOCRACY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS?”

He is a public philosopher who writes about the power of ideas to change society.

His new book is The Good Ancestor: How To Think Long Term in a Short-Term World.

He wants us to think about the ways we can redesign democracy for the benefit of both current and future generations.

In the book and in this talk, he explores the citizen assembly movements in Japan, pioneering legal struggles for intergenerational justice, and the appointment of ‘guardians of the future’.

Here at Between the Lines podcast we think Roman has something important to say about how we can work together to design our future. So, we are grateful to him and Imagine Belfast for allowing us to record the event and include it in this series.

Roman presented a number of slides during the presentation. You can see the most important ones at his website.

The talk was given on a Zoom link from his home and the audience were able to post some questions in the message box. Some of those questions are included in this recording.

Peter O’Neill to introduces the talk.

You can find a link to Roman’s website here  where you can find out more about the ideas behind The Good Ancestor and other ideas.

Once again, thanks to him and Peter O’Neill at Imagine Belfast for your co-operation.

The podcast is supported by the Community Relations Council and funded through the Executive Office.

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