The Eamon Phoenix Lectures – Secret Societies in Ireland

At the beginning of the first Covid lock-down this year, Intercomm started a series of public lectures given by Belfast historian Eamon Phoenix. And of course, these lectures had to be given online and live over Zoom.

Eamon is a distinguished historian and well-known broadcaster. He’s a teacher who tells stories and brings history to life.

Now, we are making some of the lectures available here on the Between the Lines podcast.

The first was about the history of Slavery in Belfast and the story of some of the statues in Belfast and further afield. The lecture was given in October 2020 during Black History Month.

The second lecture is about secret societies in Ireland. Many of these organisations began as secret but have over the years and decades, become mainstream social and political organisations. Many others are a mere memory – even a legend.

Some of the images Eamon refers to are below.

 Freemasons’ Hall, Molesworth St, Dublin

Freemasons’ Hall, Molesworth St, Dublin

Masthead of The Northern Star: organ of the
United Irishmen (1791-98)

Crown Entry: Birth-place of the United
Irishmen, 14 Oct. 1791

Link to:
The Twelfth of July in Portadown
John Lavery (1856–1941)
Ulster Museum

Orange Lodge with Henry Cooke banner


A Ribbon Lodge Meeting, 1820s

‘Wee Joe’ Devlin (1872-1934), West Belfast
Nationalist MP and AOH Leader

An AOH (Board of Erin)  Parade in Northern
Ireland, 1980s

A meeting of the American AOH

The Knights of Columbanus

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