Creativity and Challenges

This is the third episode of Between the Lines podcast with Gordie Walker.

The Impact of Universal Credit

Margaret Duffy from Newington Housing talks about the problems of Universal Credit and its effect on residents.

Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd recently said that there was a direct link between the increased use of food banks and  problems with the  roll out the Universal Credit benefits scheme.  As you’ll recall from our first episode, we spoke with Newington Housing Association.  During this discussion, Conor was told by Margaret Duffy about how seriously this affected some of their tenants in the mouth of Christmas – and some of the lengths they had to go to assist single mothers and others in much need of their help.

Conor Maskey met Margaret, Antony and Martin from Newington Housing.

Youth Hubs

We follow up with youth workers from North Belfast who have just returned from a study visit of Manchester and Liverpool looking at the development of youth hubs.

At the start of January, 14 youth workers from North Belfast travelled to Manchester and Liverpool to look at youth work practice, buildings and services including super centres in Manchester and Liverpool. Gordie Walker met up with them in Artillery youth club to find out what they made of it.

Super Sundays

Ray Giffin from Duncairn Arts talks to us about Super Sundays and how Arts, Music and creativity are helping to create a shared safe space for North Belfast. Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts in North Belfast is on the lower Antrim Road and once a fully functioning place of worship. The church has seen its share of good times and bad times and when the congregation numbers slipped, The Rev Bill Shaw and his committee came up with a new vision for the church building. The building is now home to some community orgs and has a thriving programme of arts and cultural events. Gordie spoke to Ray Griffin the Arts and Events Manager about Super Sundays.

Music from Conor Caldwell

Music this time comes from Conor Caldwell renowned composer and traditional fiddle player. North Belfast native, Conor Caldwell is a composer, fiddle player and researcher of Irish Traditional Music.  Conor took the small number of steps around the corner from his Rosemount Gardens home to the Between The Lines Studio to chat with us about his love for North Belfast and some of our city’s interesting, historical and significant inks to traditional music.  We were delighted that he brought his fiddle along too and gave us a taste of one of his own compositions.   


The production team were Leanne Marshall, Conor Maskey Cairan Shannon, Davy Sims and Gordie Walker.

The music is Our Big Adventure by Scott Homes — from the

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